How We Became a Church

          Pleasant Grove Baptist Church had its humble beginning in the early 1800’s with a small band of ex-slaves. They were known as the prayer band and with their leader Rev. Andrew Pearce, settled and developed the church. The first church had its first location at Gillis Springs, a site east of Wendell. A bush harbor served as a temporary place for worship. Mr. Bill Richardson gave a plot of land designated to be used as a church and a school. A crude hut was built on this site.  The Carver  Center of Eternal Hope (formerly Carver School) now occupies this space. On September 1, 1903, the Church purchased more adjoining land. A modern edifice was erected the same year. In 1910, this building was destroyed by fire and services were held in the Odd Fellows Building, a multipurpose building which housed a school, the House of Ruth, and the Gideon organization. In 1948 there was a ground breaking for a new church and the current edifice was completed in the early 1950’s.